What are the best websites providing online games for kids?

Diving into the World of Online Games for Kids

Hey there, fellow parents and game enthusiasts! So, if you’re like me, Lysander, then you're likely always on the lookout for safe and beneficial ways to keep your little ones entertained. Gaming has stepped up its game (pun intended), offering much more than raw entertainment. What's better is that these platforms are just a click away, thanks to the wonders of the internet. So without further ado, let's delve into this discovery of the best websites for online kids games.

ABCmouse: A Blend of Fun and Learning

First on our whirlwind tour is ABCmouse. If there were an award for the most comprehensive educational website, ABCmouse would certainly bag it. This website is an amalgamation of fun and knowledge. Known for offering games that adhere strictly to the learning standards of kindergarten through the 2nd grade, you can easily convert your child's screen time into a productive session. Meredith is quite the advocate of ABCmouse for our own kids, reassured by the fact that each game is designed with a clear educational objective. From math to social studies, music, books and art, ABCmouse covers a lot. What stands out the most, though, is its step-by-step learning path which ensures that kids aren't just clicking aimlessly but following a clear, educational course.

Funbrain: Where Learning is Literally Fun!

Next up is Funbrain - right by its name, this site is the epitome of edutainment. Aimed at pre-kindergarten through eighth grade, the games on Funbrain are both educational and enjoyable. It uniquely categorizes games based on grade level, making it easier for parents or teachers to select appropriate content. Aside from the usual games, Funbrain also offers a selection of videos, books, and comics, including the popular 'Diary of a Wimpy Kid' series. The simulation games, in particular, are a big hit at our house. The kids get to practice real world activities like buying groceries and become "virtual adults," as they like to say.

PBS Kids Games: Entertainment from the Trusted Source

Moving along, we have PBS Kids Games, a site stemming from the household name in quality television programming. Any website that is an offshoot of PBS is bound to instill some trust, and PBS Kids Games doesn't disappoint. The site offers a variety of games featuring popular characters from their shows. The games are sorted categorically, like math, reading, science, along with healthy habits. Another great aspect is 'PBS Parents', a section of the site that provides beneficial tips and tricks for parents, rendering it more than just a gaming site. Our kids especially enjoy the 'Wild Kratts' games. I must admit, even Meredith and I enjoy sitting down with them and learning about different animals.

National Geographic Kids: Exploring Planet Earth and Beyond

Is your child a little explorer? If so, the perfect game site is National Geographic Kids. Providing a deep-dive into the unparalleled wonders of our planet and universe, this website is an exploration haven. Your child will leave each gaming session with new facts about animals, space, and geography stored safely in their knowledge bank. Plus, there are fun quizzes, funny fill-ins and incredible videos to learn from. Guides to the adventures here? Their collection of favorite animals. An added perk is the luscious images and graphics that we've come to expect from any National Geographic venture. I can tell you from personal experience – your kids will be captivated.

Nick Jr. Online: Kid-Friendly Gaming Galore

Now, let's move on to Nick Jr. Online, a great spot for kid-friendly games featuring familiar characters like Peppa Pig and the PAW Patrol. The games are set up by show, so if your child has a favorite Nick Jr. television show, they'll likely find relevant games here. Also, the site conveniently offers a 'How to Play' guide for each game, ensuring your child can play with ease and minimal assistance. Our kids love the 'Bubble Guppies' games - so much so that a part of our evenings are now devoted to underwater adventures.

Disney LOL: House of Mouse Magic

Last but certainly not least, is the magical world of Disney LOL. This website if full of Disney-themed games and activities that will draw your child in instantly. From 'Tangled' puzzles to 'Frozen 2' quest games, there are multitudes of games to explore, featuring favorite Disney characters. Special mentions are the 'LOL Art' section where the kids can color and design, and the hilarious GIFs. Our children can't get enough of the 'Descendants' party games, where they immerse themselves in the world of Auradon for an hour or two.

Exposing our children to online platforms is a double-edged sword. Certainly, it doles out the world at their fingertips, yet, as parents, we must ensure the right use of it. These sites have our stamp of approval for hours of fun, safe, and educative online gaming. With lists like these, your mini-me’s can enjoy their playtime while giving their brain a workout. Happy gaming!

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